It’s mid-way through February and I’m amazed – and grateful – to look back and see that we’ve managed to successfully deliver every order that we’ve received so far this year. I’m amazed because we really weren’t set up to handle thousands of orders in early January, and pretty much worked around the clock to get orders out of the door. Who needs sleep anyway?

But, with the first rush behind us, and two extra people on the team, we’re not working crazy hours anymore and have time to spend on developing our ideas for the mini-figures. We’re now working in a larger space after moving our incredibly big 3D printer halfway across town.

Orders are still pouring in each day and we are thrilled that so many people love our personalised mini-figure heads as much as we do. We’ve been receiving great feedback from our customers after they’ve received their miniature heads, and we’ve also had some interesting enquiries.

Most of our customers want their own image miniaturised, or want to surprise a partner or friend with a unique gift, but we’ve also had enquiries about …pets. Now, while I can see why people want their pet’s head on a mini-figure (how cool would that be!) the technology that’s available doesn’t deal with the huge variety of animal images just yet.

To produce the heads, we need specific 2D images that allow the human face to be measured at certain critical points – we send you an email to explain exactly how the images should be captured. The measurements we take from these images are key to the accurate conversion process that produces each 3D head. At this time, the complex conversion process is only set up to measure and recreate human faces, but, in the future, who knows?

Meanwhile, we’re busy dealing with orders for birthdays, anniversaries, conventions, weddings – think cake decorations of brick figure brides and bridegrooms – and plenty for no other reason than they are just so cool!

PS.  If you personalised your wedding cake with mini-figure heads, we’d love to see your photos.