Last week we took time out of the office to show off our little guys at the first Lincolnshire Business Expo.

The Lincolnshire Business Expo is one of the big calendar events for the business community across Lincolnshire, so we thought it was the perfect place to meet other businesses and show them what we do.

Around 500 delegates attended and I swear that most of them found time to come and talk to us, because we had a steady stream of people stopping by to check us out all day. We had a complete display of mini-figures on hand so, among the accountants, banks, PR companies, recruitment agencies, hotels and software businesses, we really stood out from the crowd.

We also set up a mini-station to scan images for people who wanted to kick off the process of making their own 3D head image right there and then, so I got busy with the camera. People were amazed at how quick and easy it was to capture the right sort of images, and we were able to show them what the 3D image looked like on an iPad.

Quite a few of those who chatted to us had already seen us on Twitter or in the media and were excited to be able to see and hold the mini-figures. We also attracted lots of attention from the other businesses and had some interesting conversations. It was great to get out of the office for once, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the day job!