We’ve now been featured on Fox and the NBC Today programme and, in a case of spectacularly good timing, it was International Lego Day last week. We are still working our way through hundreds of orders each day – this is what it must be like to be caught in a massive twister!

Having around 300 individual media hits, nearly 3,000 Tweets and many thousands of page views on our website in a short space of time has been totally mind blowing. Conversations about the 3D heads have popped up in all sorts of unlikely places and I’ve been thrilled to see that people who’ve already got their 3D heads are posting to Instagram and Twitter. Some of these mini-me’s are taking some wild journeys, if the photos are anything to go by. I’m loving seeing their adventures!

In order to meet the massive demand, this week I set out to find bigger premises for our big, beautiful production 3D image printer and the four new employees who’ll soon be helping us shorten our production and dispatch times. Lincoln’s not a big city, so it wasn’t long before I found the space I was looking for. Best of all, it’s not that far from the mothership. Now all I have to do is meticulously plan the move day. It’ll mean taking the printer out for a day, but the extra staff will more than make up the time, so no worries that deliveries will be held up, which is the most important thing – we know you can’t wait to get your hands on your very own 3D mini-figure head!