Amazing likeness!!! Seller got item to me by the date I needed and was quick to respond. Thank you so much!!! It was worth the wait!

Sarah Ann Wheaton

Bought it for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! He absolutely loved it! And it actually looked like him!


This item is amazing. I ordered this for my husband and it totally looks like him and can fit on a Star Wars Lego – his favorite. The company was very good at communication and shipped the item safely to me. It is so unique and so fun. Thank you!!!


THESE CAME OUT AMAZING !!!! Better than some celeb barbies or action figures that I have seen. I will be ordering more 100 percent !!!!


Read about this in a newspaper, just the thing for my adult son!
The manufacturers are very helpful with online assistance. BUT, order sooner rather than later. The item is very popular, and I got my item within (I think) 6 weeks. Progress updates are sent to you regarding your order.
I am delighted with the item. An exact 3D reproduction of the images of my sons head, as advertised!
In truth, I am a little envious, but if I were to get similar for my birthday it would have to go on a Marvel Superhero…..

Richard Bain

Purchased for my grandson’s 10th birthday. AMAZING to the point it was almost a little creepy – but that’s a great thing. Thanks for a truly unique present for a Lego fan.

Joan Johnson

So awesome, thank you! My minifig heads really do look like me & my husband. Very responsive to questions, and items arrived in great condition.


A little freaky how good the likeness is. Great gift for the Lego lover. Great product.

Laura Mau

Awesome!! Perfect service, comunication and the product, PIXEL PERFECT!! Just REAL. Thanks 🙂

Manolo Prado

Wonderful job! It is a treasure.

Stacy Gunderman

Very pleased, you can’t help but smile!


Very fun gift! The 3D printing is amazing! Great quality


These are really unique, customized Lego heads. I gave them as gifts and the recipients seemed to like them a lot!


These are really cool and the company was great to work with!


My son loves his head! It is an amazing likeness for something so small. Getting ready to order another for my other son! It did take a while to arrive, but they were very good about communicating the status of my order.

Allison Sutton

I absolutely LOVE this item. VERY unique. It just arrived today in great shape and I cannot wait to give this precious gift to my son. What a wonderful idea !


GREAT team and service. Thank you


We were very excited to receive these in the mail. They are very realistic and everyone loved them! Thank you!


Great, friendly service. The likeness is a little bit of a stretch but I’m beyond excited to have the topper for my wedding this May and I look forward to having these as a keepsake 🙂

Megan Johnson

This product was an amazing and unique gift! People from the company quickly responded to my questions and the final product is SO GOOD! It looked exactly like him- just as a Lego head! Highly recommend this company and it’s products

Katie McD

Amazing realism. I ordered THREE, and all were spot-on perfect images! The hole to mount is a little too large, so the heads fall off Lego bodies, but we put a dab of glue to give grip. Though expensive, these are real heirloom pieces to cherish!!


LOVE how these came out! My 6 yr old nephew was thrilled to receive these as a gift. It took a long time to get them, but the business kept me updated and were very nice, and these actually were worth the wait. The heads are loose on the Lego bodies, so you’d have to consider gluing them for play, or to just display them as a keepsake. Very happy with my purchase!!

Correne Mahaffey

The heads are very funny. The heads were made just as I have ordered.


Excellent likenesses–a great gift for the lego fans in our family


They are so cute! I wouldn’t say they are miniature replicas, but they’re close enough to see the resemblance! We love them!


My grandson LOVED his lego figure head!! It looks like him and made a very unique gift!!!!!

Rebecca Taylor

This was an awesome surprise for my boyfriend who is a complete Lego freak. Thank you so much!