The product you are ordering is a Custom Valentines Bundle,
The quantity is the number of bundles you require

Flowers………Chocolates………yes these are lovely gifts but just think of the reaction when this unique, personalised gift is opened. What better way than to send a message to your loved one in the form of a mini figure hero this Valentines Day! This 2 head Valentines bundle comes with a free special plaque whilst stocks last.


Creating your custom miniature 3D head in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Purchase the number of custom heads you would like to have made.

Step 2: After purchasing, you are emailed a link to your own private fulfillment area, this is where you customise your order by selecting:

NOTE: Every head comes with a FREE random minifigure body. The heads can come off and fit onto any LEGO minifigure body, to help you find the perfect LEGO minifigure to accompany your custom head, we have provided links to find the largest selection of minifigures at the lowest possible prices.

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