Valentines Special – Custom 2 Head Bundle


Create your custom miniature 3D head by following the steps below.

Step 1: Select your hair colour and style (bottom of this page)

Step 2: Click Confirm Selection

Step 3: Upload your photos after checkout

The product you are ordering is a Custom Valentines Bundle,
The quantity is the number of bundles you require

Flowers………Chocolates………yes these are lovely gifts but just think of the reaction when this unique, personalised gift is opened. What better way than to send a message to your loved one in the form of a mini figure hero this Valentines Day! This 2 head Valentines bundle comes with a free special plaque whilst stocks last.

Step 1: Purchase the number of custom heads you would like to have made.

Step 2: After purchasing, you are emailed a link to your own private fulfillment area, this is where you customise your order by selecting:

NOTE: Every head comes with a FREE random minifigure body. The heads can come off and fit onto any LEGO minifigure body, to help you find the perfect LEGO minifigure to accompany your custom head, we have provided links to find the largest selection of minifigures at the lowest possible prices.

Click here to see the best place to buy LEGO minifigures.

How they are made

Funky3Dfaces miniature custom heads are created using sophisticated facial recognition software that analyses the face structure. The software generates a 3D mesh model which mimics your face shape and geometry. The front facing picture is then wrapped around the model to give a photo-realistic render of your face.

Hair is then added to the model based on your selection, choose from our range of styles and colours.

The model is then 3D printed in a sandstone material to give a perfect little replica of your head, the head has a 5mm hole in the neck that allows it to fit onto any LEGO or block based minifigure. Today Batman, tomorrow Han Solo, next week who knows, the only restriction is the limit of your own imagination.

Production time

It takes about 8 days for us to make your order before we ship.

Shipping to : United Kingdom (UK) FREE

We are based in the UK and ship worldwide.

UK takes 1-2 days

Shipping to: United States of America  (USA) FREE

Funky3Dfaces partners with Whiteclouds Inc. in Ogden, UT. Whiteclouds is the largest full colour 3D printing company in world, shipping typically takes 3 working days once shipped.

Shipping to: The rest of the world £8.99

Depending on where you are based, the standard shipping method can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered once dispatched.

Express delivery

You can bump your order up the queue and have it sent via express delivery for just £20 extra per order, express orders will be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks.

Order Tracking

If a tracking # is provided by the shipping carrier, we will update your order with the tracking information. Please note that some orders using Royal mail will not have tracking numbers.

This is an awesome shop! They were super helpful and their website is set up to be user friendly. I got a set of four Lego heads for family for Christmas and I can’t wait to their faces.

  • ALWAYS USE THE FLASH – using the flash ensures even lighting
  • Keep at least 4ft between subject and camera
  • Take two photos, one from the front and one in profile
  • Keep the same expression for both front and profile shots
  • Keep hair away from the eyes and forehead
  • We only need a photo of your face, we don’t need your body
  • Make sure the whole of your head is visible
  • Always use the flash
  • Pull whatever funny face you want, just don’t show your teeth or open your mouth
  • No Glasses – we can add these later
  • No uneven light
  • Look directly into the camera
  • No grainy images
  • Maximum file size of 2MB’s per photo
  • Oh, did I already mention? Please ALWAYS USE THE FLASH!