FUNKY Brick Mosaic Posters

Turn any image into a LEGO mosaic!

These Funky Brick Posters show how you would look if made up of individual LEGO bricks.  The bricks in the posters are actual size so it looks exactly the same as being made up of thousands of individual pieces. Each poster comes with a list of all the parts that are used, so if you ever feel the need to collect all the parts and assemble your picture in actual LEGO, you can use the poster as your design guide.

You can choose to have the digital file emailed to you and not have it printed by us, this might be a preferred option if you live outside the UK and want to get the poster printed locally.

NOTE: LEGO bricks are not included in the sale of these items.



Upload your file

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  • Choose your poster size and upload your photos.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Turnaround time for a printed poster is usually 5 working days to UK customers, rest of the world can take longer.
  • Each poster also comes with a parts list of all the individual bricks used to make the poster.