Buy your LEGO minifigure

Create your custom miniature 3D head by following the steps below.

Step 1: Select your hair colour and style (bottom of this page)

Step 2: Click Confirm Selection

Step 3: Upload your photos after checkout

LEGO loves that companies like Funky3Dfaces exist, they encourage LEGO fans to find novel and unique ways of getting more people involved with LEGO products. When we launched our funky product LEGO gave us the thumbs up, because we do not make LEGO, we just make a miniature model of your head that fits perfectly onto a LEGO minifigure body. Although LEGO approve of us, they do not endorse or supply us with Minifigure bodies, LEGO reserves their right to sell LEGO to only their largest of customers. Unfortunately we are too small to buy directly from LEGO.

Do not despair, we want to give you easy access to the 1,000’s of different minifigures on the market and source them at the best price.

Here are a small selection of the figures available.