Custom Wedding Cake toppers including custom heads, LEGO bride and groom and wedding arch.

Creating your own head in miniature

Your face is the most unique thing about you. Your face tells your age, gender and ethnicity; it is what sets you apart from everybody else in the entire world; your face is YOU. Buying a gift from Funky3DFaces allows you to buy a person the only gift in the world that is unique to them out of 7 billion other people.

£74.99 £64.99

Creating your custom miniature 3D head in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Purchase the wedding cake topper bundle.

Step 2: After purchasing, you are emailed a link to your own private fulfillment area, this is where you customise your order by selecting:

Heads can be removed and put onto any LEGO or block based minifigure.