I hope you’ve seen our gift e-VOUCHER,  possibly the easiest way to give your bestie/lover/cousin/father/significant other a unique gift experience – a tiny version of themselves. What’s not to love about someone who loves you so much they want two of you!

All you have to do is purchase a gift e-VOUCHER and a few moments after you complete the checkout process you will receive a number of emails with your gift e-VOUCHER codes. Each code can be redeemed for one Mini Head. You then forward the code to your recipient. The email contains all the instructions they need to get started with ordering their own Mini Head, and they will be able to choose their own hairstyle and colour.  That’s all you have to do. Easy and very, very special.

Every day we are amazed at our customers’ creativity with their personalised mini-figures. If you’ve ever swung by our Facebook page you’ll know that we love to feature some of the amazing images and videos that our cool customers devise and tenderly create. This week we’re loving the photo that a US customer, Ryan Williams of Wilbraham, MA, sent us showing his mini-me out on patrol and packing a serious looking piece of hardware. Check it out here. And if your mini-figures are out and about having adventures, please share them with us!

Next month we’ll be dressing up and having our own adventure when we visit the aptly-named Epic Centre in Lincolnshire for Lincoln Comic-Con 2016. We’re sorting out our ‘epic’ costumes already. We’d love to know if you’re planning to come too!


We have to admit that going to our first Comic Con last year was mind blowing, so it’s no wonder we’re already getting excited about being part of Geeks Lincoln Comic Con in July.

Tickets for the event are selling fast and over a thousand people have already signed up to enjoy the retro gaming, cosplay, stage shows and special guests – all under wraps so far. I’ll be getting out my special comic com outfit again and we’ll be planning a great display of our mini-figs and taking orders on the spot. It’s a tremendous, fun event and I’m looking forward to being part of it.

Meanwhile, we’re celebrating the arrival of an intern who’s helping us to expand the options available for our customers at Funky3DFaces. John, a graduate from the University of Lincoln, joined the team a week ago and is already making a difference. One of the things he’s currently working on is broadening the choices customers can make for their personalised head, for example, introducing a wider range of hairstyles. Watch out for new options as they’re added to the website – and remember to book your tickets for Geeks Lincoln Comic Con – we’ll see you there

Chris left the office behind recently to be interviewed live on the on the top US TV channel Fox Business Network by business broadcast legend Maria Bartiromo. He travelled to FBN’s London studio to be interviewed by Maria on the network’s highly regarded Mornings with Maria show.  Famous for her business journalism and interviews with titans of industry, Maria introduced Chris as the man behind the company that was ‘shaking up the toy industry’.

‘It was an interesting experience to be on a live link with the US show,’ said Chris. ‘The studio in London had a great backdrop of Westminster that viewers could see behind me, but the only thing in front of me was a camera, so it felt slightly weird to be alone and waiting for the red light to signal we were live.

‘I could hear Maria introduce Funky3DFaces as the company that could shake up the toy industry – which was amazing – and then we went straight into the interview. We talked about the idea behind the business and how the idea had taken off. It was great and I really enjoyed the whole thing.’

Funky3DFaces has enjoyed media attention from all parts of the globe since its launch late last year, and you can read all about it in an earlier blog post.

Meanwhile you can watch Chris in his Fox Business Network interview with Maria Bartiromo – and see her team showing off their own personalised mini-figures – here. Alternatively, go over to our Facebook page to view it and also catch up with our latest events and adventures.

Last week we took time out of the office to show off our little guys at the first Lincolnshire Business Expo.

The Lincolnshire Business Expo is one of the big calendar events for the business community across Lincolnshire, so we thought it was the perfect place to meet other businesses and show them what we do.

Around 500 delegates attended and I swear that most of them found time to come and talk to us, because we had a steady stream of people stopping by to check us out all day. We had a complete display of mini-figures on hand so, among the accountants, banks, PR companies, recruitment agencies, hotels and software businesses, we really stood out from the crowd.

We also set up a mini-station to scan images for people who wanted to kick off the process of making their own 3D head image right there and then, so I got busy with the camera. People were amazed at how quick and easy it was to capture the right sort of images, and we were able to show them what the 3D image looked like on an iPad.

Quite a few of those who chatted to us had already seen us on Twitter or in the media and were excited to be able to see and hold the mini-figures. We also attracted lots of attention from the other businesses and had some interesting conversations. It was great to get out of the office for once, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the day job!





We’ve now been featured on Fox and the NBC Today programme and, in a case of spectacularly good timing, it was International Lego Day last week. We are still working our way through hundreds of orders each day – this is what it must be like to be caught in a massive twister!

Having around 300 individual media hits, nearly 3,000 Tweets and many thousands of page views on our website in a short space of time has been totally mind blowing. Conversations about the 3D heads have popped up in all sorts of unlikely places and I’ve been thrilled to see that people who’ve already got their 3D heads are posting to Instagram and Twitter. Some of these mini-me’s are taking some wild journeys, if the photos are anything to go by. I’m loving seeing their adventures!

In order to meet the massive demand, this week I set out to find bigger premises for our big, beautiful production 3D image printer and the four new employees who’ll soon be helping us shorten our production and dispatch times. Lincoln’s not a big city, so it wasn’t long before I found the space I was looking for. Best of all, it’s not that far from the mothership. Now all I have to do is meticulously plan the move day. It’ll mean taking the printer out for a day, but the extra staff will more than make up the time, so no worries that deliveries will be held up, which is the most important thing – we know you can’t wait to get your hands on your very own 3D mini-figure head!