OK, so we’re not going to make a huge fuss about this but… WE WON BEST DIGITAL  STARTUP AWARD!

Needless to say we are thrilled to be recognised for our innovation and all round fantasticness in the second Lincolnshire Digital Awards – and if you want to see the award – and us looking quite smart in our DJs and really, really pleased with ourselves – we’re here.

We didn’t get to make a speech on the night, but if we had, we’d have given our huge thanks to you for loving our personalised heads, supporting us with your custom,  telling all your friends about us, and posting your brilliant videos and images on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Thank you – and we love you all!


Chris left the office behind recently to be interviewed live on the on the top US TV channel Fox Business Network by business broadcast legend Maria Bartiromo. He travelled to FBN’s London studio to be interviewed by Maria on the network’s highly regarded Mornings with Maria show.  Famous for her business journalism and interviews with titans of industry, Maria introduced Chris as the man behind the company that was ‘shaking up the toy industry’.

‘It was an interesting experience to be on a live link with the US show,’ said Chris. ‘The studio in London had a great backdrop of Westminster that viewers could see behind me, but the only thing in front of me was a camera, so it felt slightly weird to be alone and waiting for the red light to signal we were live.

‘I could hear Maria introduce Funky3DFaces as the company that could shake up the toy industry – which was amazing – and then we went straight into the interview. We talked about the idea behind the business and how the idea had taken off. It was great and I really enjoyed the whole thing.’

Funky3DFaces has enjoyed media attention from all parts of the globe since its launch late last year, and you can read all about it in an earlier blog post.

Meanwhile you can watch Chris in his Fox Business Network interview with Maria Bartiromo – and see her team showing off their own personalised mini-figures – here. Alternatively, go over to our Facebook page to view it and also catch up with our latest events and adventures.

From the Daily Mail to The Nerdist and Pop Sugar, from Mashable and Fox Today to The Drum, our funky personalised 3D heads for mini-figs started to blaze a trail around the world within hours of setting up our original shop on Etsy. (All orders should come via our website now).

Wow! Although we love our little guys to bits and think they are the coolest and most unique personalised gifts ever, even we were astounded to see how quickly the media picked up on them earlier this year. In December 2015 we were not even widely known within our home town in Lincolnshire, but less than four weeks later we were looking at a list of media mentions that stretched across the globe.  It was media coverage that most small businesses would give their right arm for, and we hadn’t even seen it coming.

At first, it was hard to believe that we were featuring online and in mainstream media channels in the US, Japan, India, and Europe as well as the UK. Highlights for us were stories in The Huffington Post, The Nerdist, Mashable, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and I can’t even find the words to say how thrilled I was to see our 3D heads featured on NBC’s Today Programme and Fox TV! One of my earlier blog posts features a photo of some of the US presenters’ personalised mini-figs.

It really showed us the power of the internet and how fast it moves when it spots a truly innovative idea. We could never have dreamed of the response we experienced when, pretty much overnight, Funky3DFaces went viral. It really was a whirlwind experience – and I’m glad to say that our media profile is still doing well, thanks in part to the tremendous support we’ve had from you – our followers on social media.

We’d like to say a big ‘thanks’ for your support and hope you’ll continue to post fun photos of your own mini-fig, wherever you are in the world.