Socks? Aftershave? Cordless drill? Up and down the country, thousands of Dads will be hoping for something a little bit different for Father’s Day on June 19. And we think we have the perfect gift – a personalised superhero mini- figure of course!

We think Dads are everyday heroes – they pick us up when we fall, give us hugs when we’re sad, help us with our homework, drive us everywhere, show their sons how to be good men, and their daughters what a good man looks like. And they rescue us when our DIY goes horribly wrong.

Our heroes. They’re always there when we need them. So what could be nicer than showing your Dad that he’s your hero by putting his face on a hero mini-figure?

OK, this will need a bit of planning, but last orders for Father’s Day in the UK is June 1 – outside the UK it’s May 23 – so you have plenty of time to think up a convincing reason why you have to take the two specific photo images needed to make a personalised head. Maybe you’re ‘trying to perfect your photography skills’ and need a willing model?

Then, have fun choosing the brick mini-fig hero that best suits your Dad ready for the arrival of his custom head. Whatever his age, your Dad will be thrilled to know that he’s your hero!

Remember to post photos of your superhero Dad on our Facebook page!

Love is in the air! We’re loving that all over the US there are wedding cakes topped by gorgeous grooms and beautiful brides mini-fig style, with our personalised heads making those already awesome days even more special.

As Valentine’s Day came round and the wedding season started to kick off, we’d already created and despatched around 40 sets of wedding cake il_570xN.855305377_eq13toppers to customers across the US. As big fans of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, we’re thrilled to be part of your wedding celebrations and we want photos! So please do post your wedding day photos of you and your mini-me cake toppers on our Facebook page.

If you’re planning your wedding now, we have a special offer for you. We’ll supply two personalised mini heads and appropriately dressed LEGO mini-figure bodies for the bride and groom (or any other combination) plus a LEGO wedding arch, lanterns and flowers – see the website for full details.

We’d also love to hear any romantic stories involving mini-figures. Did mini-figures bring you together? Did you receive a wedding proposal via a mini-figure? We’d love to hear all about it!